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Attention All Club Penguin Fans!!!!!

Ok. This is like the COOLEST thing ever Club Penguin is hosting a GOLD PUFFLE starting today!! November 14th. Go to the pet shop and feed your puffle a Gold’o Berry to activate the quest for the gold puffle. You must earn 15 gold nuggets (which puffles can dig up) then go to the gold mine to redeem them for a gold puffle. SO cool!!! you have to take a look. Not a member?  Go to:  to Create an Account! If you want to be friends with me, leave your penguin name in the comments.

See you there!!


Oliver on Instagram

Sometimes mom  and dad do things with the dog that is SUPER FUNNY !! Mom posted  on  Instagram , a video of him caching cheese balls. Mom also, a while ago, posted a picture of him in a pair of sunglasses.

Here is the link:

if you scroll over it it has 18 likes and 2 comments. It is the one between the bracelet photo and the car photo.

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The Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster

phantom tolbooth

Have you read The Phantom tollbooth by Norton Juster ? It is about a boy named Milo who is very bored with everything. One day a tollbooth appears in his room. Milo has nothing good to do except wait till dinner so milo ensembles it and pays his fee to go through. Milo makes lots of friends, learns about words,and even trys  to rescue Rhyme and Reason.  Join Milo as he  explores  into places he never knew existed.



Moms mummy dogs. Agh! there bleeding!

Moms mummy dogs.
Agh! there bleeding!

Halloween is in the air!  For dinner last night my mom made Mummy Dogs (see picture). The mummy dogs were awesome!!! Then it was time to be  out and about. We ventured thorough the neighborhood until we were pooped. When we got back we counted our candy and sorted it by brand. My total amount was 84 pieces. My brother’s candy total was 112. I skipped a few  houses on the way back because I was tired.  Total candy haul: 196. Wow!

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Balsamic Camel

A unique look into the life of an extraordinary girl

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